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SINHRO Ltd. Quality Policy


Everything is possible in cooperation!

  1. «SINHRO Ltd» is oriented towards excellent quality result in its work, in term co-ordinated with cutomer.
  2. Before the work we clarify customer’s needs and possibilities, and find the best solution for the customer.
  3. Work is being done according to bilateral agreement, using selected providers and materials made by world-wide recognized companies, the latest technologies, and taking into account legal requirements. The results must comply with the requirements co-ordinated with cutomer, they must be ergonomic and aesthetic.
  4. The main evaluation of the work is customer’s satisfaction and positive image of the «SINHRO Ltd». Customer’s satisfaction is enquired during the work and after work is being done.
  5. «SINHRO Ltd» plan its operation and analyse completed projects and operating/performance results on the regular basis. The results are used for further strategies and performance improvement.
  6. Our workers are selected according to their professional skills and go-go spirit. Company support their professional growth and is interested in their wellfare and satisfaction.
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